Yoga helps rheumatoid arthritis

There’s quite a body of research into the beneficial effects of yoga, tai chi, breathing exercises and so on, with some real but often modest improvements in various health conditions.

Yet what marks many of these studies is the fairly low ‘dose’ of the practice – for example a weekly class, or perhaps a couple of classes a week.…

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Balancing movement and stillness in our practice by Peter Deadman


“In all stillness there must be movement; in all movement there must be stillness”

Qigong saying


Some years ago a Chinese doctor called Yan Dexin wrote a book called Aging and Blood Stasis, which emphasised an interesting approach to the treatment of disease in the elderly – one that has meaning for all of us in our practice of what the Chinese call the internal arts (qigong, taichi, bagua, yoga etc.).…

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The Transformative Power of Slow, Deep Breathing

by Peter Deadman


One common feature of traditional practices such as yoga, tai chi, qigong etc. is their emphasis on slow, deep, lower abdominal breathing, with extraordinary claims made about its powerful effects.

For example Yuan Hao in 15th century China simply said, “A day and a night of regulated breathing can [reverse] twenty years of chronic illness.”…

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Yoga helps menstrual disorders

A study conducted by one of BNHC’s trustees, Jennifer Oates, has shown that yoga is helpful for various kinds of menstrual problems. The paper, published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, is a systematic review of 18 previous yoga studies.…

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Hyper mobility

The sign of a good training course is that it stimulates a change in thought patterns. Last week I was blown away by Yin Yoga … I still am. However there are other aspects of the training provided by The Yoga People which have really impressed me, and if I ever design a training programme, I will ‘borrow’ this practical session.…

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